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Dr. Liz Giles is a chiropractor AND licensed Pilates instructor. She is incredibly thorough, and puts careful thought into her treatment approach at each individual session. She uses a range of techniques: soft tissue therapy, rehab exercises, Graston, a more traditional chiropractic adjustment, taping... Sometimes she makes a simple inquiry that ends up resolving long-standing pain. For example, my old back injury left me with a tilted pelvis, a curvy lower spine, and (up ‘til recently) daily pain. Dr. Giles studied my medical history, and analyzed my gait, stance, and movement patterns. She recommended a heel lift, and two days later I was strutting around pain-free. Boom.

But my personal favorite of all Dr. Giles’ treatment techniques is PILATES! I’m a fitness trainer, and I specialize in core-focused workout designs, but not until Dr. Giles prescribed some Pilates exercises did I experience the full healing potential of deeeeeep core activation. This week, after several days of home improvement tasks that had me contorting in all sorts of bizarre, unsupported positions, my back pain was sky high. Five minutes – literally 5 minutes! – into my session with Dr. Giles, the pain slipped away.
— LJ

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I [...] saw Dr. Liz Giles for chiropractic care and she couldn’t have been more knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. She has a gentle way of adjusting and is not only patient with all of my many questions, but she taught me exercises and tips for making postural changes in my daily life.
— HK
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Dr. Liz Giles is thorough and very knowledegable about ways to get different areas to open up. She is helping me get to the root of the cause, which I have been needing! I have been adjusted by other chiropractors who do not address the root issue, and my body goes right back to the old patterns! She does not force but gets into places by softening and allowing the body to open. I appreciate that!
— AF
I started going to Liz Giles, DC. for chiropractic treatment [...] for a chronic shoulder issue. Liz is also amazing! I had been to 2 other chiropractors and massage therapists and nobody was able to relieve the pain I was in. Liz was able to fix my issue in just a couple of sessions.
— PT



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